EEH Productions is an event production and soft-skills training company specialising in the use of the performing arts for enterprises and individuals.

The company was founded by Emma Holmes in the spring of 2016 when she decided to develop the Wageningen Comedy Club, which at that time was a hobby, into an entertainment business. Shortly after the company was founded, she was joined by her on-going business partner Sarah Haimes. They began by expanding into different cities, to varying degrees of success, before deciding to focus mostly on developing shows in their hometown of Wageningen. Within the span of a couple of years they went from hosting one comedy show a month to regularly hosting an average 8 shows a month in stand-up and improv comedy, storytelling and poetry, as well as weekly workshops, both in Wageningen and around the Netherlands.

From the very beginning Emma has been training stand-up comedians, improv artists and storytellers through her theatre company, the Wageningen Comedy Club, and EEH Productions’ empowerment storytelling workshop series, the Diversity Chronicles.

The aim was always to develop a company specialising in soft-skills workshops. This became a reality after several years on the performer’s circuit when they began to realise the power the performing arts could have on managers, employees and enterprises generally. The daughter brand, EEH Training, runs workshops on presentation skills, storytelling, improvisation, confidence building and humour.

The company continues to grow at a rapid pace with new shows, improved workshops and the creation of a creative collective.