This year EEH Productions is looking to create a fun volunteering group around our shows.

We are currently 2 or 3 people who run 4-6 shows a month and as you might imagine, it’s a lot of work! We’re looking for people who might be interested in helping out at some of our shows and activities. This is also a great opportunity to get first hand experience in event organising and management.

We believe that volunteering experience should benefit you as much as us and therefore:

We would ask for:

  • Help at a minmum of 1 show per month for a minimum of 5 months
    • ex. of what this might include: set-up before show, running bar, running door, doing tech, tending to performers, breaking down and tidying up post-show, social media during show, taking photos videos etc. 
  • A small amount of promotional help
    • ex. of what this might include: putting posters up, a couple of social media posts, helping create or curate content for the Facebook and instagram pages

In return we would offer you:

  • (I’m assuming this is a given but in case it isn’t) Free entrance to any show you are volunteering at
  • For every 5 shows you volunteer at, 2 tickets to a show of your choosing (excl. specials) that you are not volunteering at
  • Merchandise

You do not need to have any experience, we are happy to show you the ropes.!

However if you happen to have a skill you think might be useful then please let us know in the form below, along with why you would like to become a volunteer. This is not for us to judge you, it is simply so that we might be able to tailor some opportunities for you personally! An example being: “I would like to volunteer because I wish to understand how you set up tech for a show” or “I would like to volunteer because I’m an amateur photographer and I would like to hone my skills of photographing shows”.

To become a volunteer, simply fill out this form and we will drop you an e-mail with details about how it works.

We’re super excited about forming an amazing volunteering group!