Empowerment Workshops

Diversity Chronicles

The Diversity Chronicles is a series of storytelling workshops and shows designed to empower individuals to speak up against discrimination and help aid a switch towards a more diverse and integrated society. Each show is preceded by a series of two workships wherein participants get the opportunity to learn the basics of performance storytelling as well as the history and science behind it before practicing their stories to their peers, if they so desire. Six volunteers then perform their story at the show.

Theatre Company

Wageningen Comedy Club

The Wageningen Comedy Club was founded in 2015 by Emma Holmes and Sarah Haimes when they stumbled upon a lack of affordable theatre education in Wageningen. The Club has grown into fully fledged theatre company producing performances for hire as well as remaining affordable for anyone and everyone to come and learn about the performing arts.

Entertainment Events


EEH Production's organises stand-up comedy shows, storytelling nights, improv evenings and poetry slam championships.