Performers and Performances

Our network of performers consists of 250+ artists and groups from around the globe. From comedians and improv troupes to musicians and magicians to storytellers and poets, English or Dutch spoken, we've got a performer for every budget.

Or, are you looking for something really special? Then why not consider hiring a tailored performance for your event. Work along with our creative director to produce a brand new piece of entertainment!

We also offer moderators for entertainment, education and business events, conferences, discussion panels and functions.

Comedy 4-98


Need a comedian for your conference? A laugh at your annual Christmas dinner? Our network includes over 150 comedians: Professional and amateur, international and national, Dutch and English speaking and many different comedic styles. We have a comedian for every budget and every event!

Improv Troupes

Looking to bring a little made-up madness to your next event? The Wageningen Comedy Club is available for hire as an improv troupe. The WCC covers both short-form and long-form improv and their shows can be themed to suit your needs.


Emma Holmes is an excellent moderator capable of running both fun upbeat events as well as more serious discussions and conferences. With an ability to manage a crowd and an understanding of the fine line between education and entertainment she is a popular choice.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with us directly and we will pair you up with the performer, performance or moderator you need.